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Areas of Expertise

- Audio -

Theatrical Engineered Sound Systems
Commercial Music Systems w/ Intercom
Overhead Paging Systems

- Video -

Closed Circuit Monitoring
Production Video

- Telecommunications -

Telephone Systems
Voice Mail
Land Network Systems

- Production -

Lighting and Sound Systems...[This is where we have FUN!]
With a specialized interest in Design and Engineering of Audio,
 Video, Special Effects, Lighting, Intercom, Telecommunications,
 Nurse Call, Personal Locator Systems, and Voice Mail.

- Audio -
Commercial Music Systems

Xpressions Audio / Video specializes in the sales, installation, and
service of commercial overhead subscriber music systems. Foreground
music impacts your customers and provides a boost to your employees.
You have a selection if any type or style if music via satellite, compact discs,
or cassettes. We currently provide service to a large number of Oklahoma
City area restaurants and retail stores.

Intercom and Overhead Paging

We customize from basic needs to higher quality commercial systems,
including PBX interface, stand alone microphones, and basic retail store systems.

- Video -
Closed Circuit Monitoring, Surveillance, and Production Video

From a basic black and white to color closed circuit monitoring.
Xpressions Audio / Video can customize and provide whatever system best
suits your business' needs. some if our specialized systems include video switching,
 recording, remodulation, multiplexing, amplification, and editing that can be
 broadcast or displayed on monitors/screens of your choice.

- Telecommunications -
Telephone Systems, Information-on-Hold, Voice Mail, Screen Pops,
and Land Network Systems

From a basic small 4 telephone analog Key Systems to large 100+ telephone digital
 PBX / Key Systems. We will customize the system to fit your needs. In addition,
we offer carious accessories to enhance your telecommunication requirements.

Xpressions Audio / Video can integrate caller ID into your computer systems
and/or offer voice mail from 2 port/50 hours to 12 port/180 hours;
from 50 voice mail boxes to over 300, auto attendants can be integrated
with your voice mail as well as just helping with incoming calls.

An alternative to additional telephone lines for fax machines
 or modems are automatic fax/modem switches.

Increase your company's sales by providing your company's information,
 background, and expertise to callers with Information-on-Hold

- Production -
Pro-Lighting and Sound Systems

Xpressions Audio / Video's expertise also lies in customized lighting and sound
systems for entertainment establishments and any sized auditoriums. We
offer a full line of special effects products: From lighting controllers
to mirror balls, and strobes to Par 16-64 cans with a variety of accessories.

Theatrical to architectural lighting and sound for auditoriums, schools, and churches
are just a few of our specialized areas.

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